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Luxury vinyl flooring from Carpet Mart

Reinvented vinyl flooring from Carpet Mart
The phrase 'vinyl flooring' may bring back memories of flooring in your home when you were very young. That image is probably not what you have in mind for new flooring today. Vinyl floors have been reinvented.

The new stylish options are fantastic. The new stylish options are versatile and durable. Vinyl flooring of today will complement all personal style and home design trends.

Vinyl flooring versatility

The product resists stains, mildew, and water. Vinyl flooring can be installed in any room of the home including basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. For those who would like to have hardwood floors throughout the house, but realize it is not practical in moisture prone areas, can have vinyl plank flooring that replicates hardwood installed in those areas. Vinyl plank flooring has the authentic look of wood without the worry of mildew, buckling, or moisture.

Vinyl flooring designs

Compared to vinyl floors of the past, today's stylish vinyl has significantly improved. There are a variety of finishes, styles, and colors. Stone, tile, and hardwood flooring can all be simulated. The visuals are created from photos.

The images are morphed and transferred to a vinyl plank of tile format. After the transfer of the picture and the product creation, texture is added to create a look so realistic, and natural, that no one can tell the difference.
Durability of Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Tyler TX from Carpet Mart

Vinyl floor durability

New vinyl floors can withstand the toughest tests of busy family lifestyle. The surface layer of many designs is enhanced to prevent scratches and scuff. An added backing prevents gouges, tears, and rips. Vinyl tile and plank floors can handle playtime in households with active small children and pets.

At Carpet Mart, we would like for you to consider vinyl tile or plank flooring as an option in your home. Vinyl flooring will not disappoint you. It is affordable, durable, and stylish. The numerous benefits of the vinyl we offer demonstrate why it is referred to as luxury vinyl flooring.

Customers from Chandler, Lindale, Bullard, Whitehouse, and Tyler have visited our Tyler, TX showroom. The showroom is where we display our selection of vinyl flooring and offer a free consultation.

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